You've got a great product or service but you don't know how to let potential clients or customers know, short of shouting it from the roof tops? Need to create professional looking content to circulate internally? Have a business idea but don't have a logo and brand to support it? 

Say no more. From creating promotional videos to modern brand designs, Penny Productions work with you to create content that stands out so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Studies show that adding a product or service video on your loading page can increase conversions by 80%.


Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster, year-over-year, than organisations without.


79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product than read text on a page.


Derval O'Rourke Health Resource

Leah is amazing to work with. She takes a broad concept and can make it into something that is visually amazing. Her work is extremely professional and she always goes above and beyond what is being asked of her. I couldn't recommend her more highly.


STEP 1: The very first step is super simple, and it's the same for all services, no matter if it's graphic design or photography. First we have a 30-45 minute consultation. We want to get to know you and your business and figure out what the best plan of action for you and your business is. And that requires a little chat with a cuppa.



So you require a video or two. After establishing that you need a video in the initial consultation, it's now our job to work away on some pre pre-production to create some concepts. Then we'll chat again to make sure everything we discussed in Step 1 are aligned.  


Now it's time to get stuck into the actual pre-production. Depending on the brief this typically means creating a storyboard/shot list, filming schedule, treatment document, music sourcing, but it can also include location scouting and production research.


This is the super fun part, the filming. Once everything in Step 3 has all been signed off, the filming can commence. Every project is different so this could be half a day, a day or a few days. It all depends on the scale and scope of the project. 


This is where the magic happens! After all the filming has been completed it's time for post-production and this is where everything comes together. Once we've put something together I'll send you a version to review, this is where any revisions* are requested. If the content requires any fixes I'll touch them up before final delivery!

*One round of revisions is allowed, if more than one round of revisions are required additional costs will be incurred.



So you want to capture a moment in time - clothing on a model, an event, some images for social media, whatever it may be, it requires some photos to be taken and we can help with that.


Photography requires some pre-production as well but not as much as a video project would, but sourcing some references images, coming up with a concept and if the shoot requires a certain location, then a location scout is beneficial.


This is also the fun part, the shoot. Same as above, once everything in Step 3 has all been signed off the shoot can take place. And also like the filming, every project is different so this could be half a day, a day or a few days. It all depends and the scale and scope of the project. 


Photos also require a post-production process - we cull the images taken during the shoot to make sure all the best shots are used. After the images are culled they are edited to suit your brand before final delivery!



Graphic design is essential for a business. This could be branded documents such as headed paper, a brochure, business cards and much more. Maybe you have an existing brand and want to create assets that align with that, maybe you are looking to create a brand.

Whatever your needs, we've got you!


When designing we look into colour theory, complimentary colours, modern trends and much more so that your brand stands out. Depending on the project, we create some basic designs for you to choose from, to see what you are naturally drawn to - we want you to be proud of your brand.


Once we've narrowed down the design that speaks to you, we get stuck into creating your assets. Pretty much just picture a super cool montage of us researching, designing and creating your graphics in our super cool office (we have a Captain America shied for emergencies). 


After we've created your required assets we send over a draft for revisions* and to ensure you are happy with everything. After all assets have been signed off, we send you all the finished files organised in such a way that make them easy for you to access whenever you need them. 

*One round of revisions is allowed, if more than one round of revisions are required additional costs will be incurred.

WEBSITE ICONS-NAVY-motion-04.png


So you've decided you want to go with something a little different and want a Motion Graphics (MG) video. MG videos are great because they are the perfect combo of Video and Graphic Design and can be used for a number of purposes such as promo videos or explainer videos.


With MG videos pre-production takes some similarities from video pre-production, you come up with a storyboard/shot list and a script. Where it differs is coming up with a style concept and creating the graphic elements that we going to animated within the video. Video transitions can also be created during the pre-production process.


This is where the meat and bones goes into creating the video. MG videos tend to take more time to create because you are animating so many elements separately to work and flow together seamlessly to create an engaging video. But boy is it satisfying to see all the animated elements working together.


Same as all the 5th steps before this one, this is where we deliver a first draft of the video to be reviewed and revised*. If the video requires any changes to be made, we fix the discrepancies based on your notes and make sure you are happy before the final video(s) are delivered.  

*One round of revisions is allowed, if more than one round of revisions are required additional costs will be incurred.

christine mua-05.png

Christine O’Connor
Christine O’Connor MUA

I wish I had contacted sooner! A video for my website and fresh branding was always put on the long finger, but once I began working with Penny Productions it all came together so easily, efficiently, and to my exact vision - even better than my vision in fact! No idea was too vague - Leah is so open and creative, and no idea was too specific - she made sure that every detail was what I wanted. I would confidently recommend Penny Productions to anyone. I look forward to continuing to partner with Penny Productions on future projects.

IMG_8933 copy.jpg

I've put together a questionnaire that'll assist us in finding out the best way we can help you.

This questionnaire is designed to help you narrow your thought process on what it is you'd like to accomplish from working together and provide us with the information we need to accomplish this.

Once you've filled out the questionnaire we'll get back to you within 2-3 business days with any follow-up questions we might have or to schedule a consultation.

However, if you can't wait that long to get a response, at the very bottom of the questionnaire tick the box labelled 'urgent'.



Daniel Raburski
Raburski Massage

Working with Penny Productions is a pleasure. Leah is excellent at putting you at ease, understanding your needs and creating content that converts and will help raise the professional profile of your brand and product. I highly recommend Penny Productions for your next creative project.



My drive to create is fuelled by compassion, curiosity, and the art of storytelling. I’ve been creating videos, photos and graphics for over 8 years and counting.

Creating memorable branded content for businesses is what gets me most excited. It's why I do what I do. And sometimes the idea of creating content yourself can be overwhelming and time consuming - there is a steep learning curve to understanding how to film, edit, graphic design, animate and so much more. That's where I come in. Let me lighten the load so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.


To help break the ice here are a few things about me - in my spare time you can find me creating my own YouTube videos, soaking up movies, either in the cinema or at home, playing video games, spending time with friends and singing in places that no-one can hear me.


So why not get in touch! Let's produce something memorable together!


Marian Murphy
Flourish with Social Media

My experience with Penny Productions was a very positive one.  While initially nervous and daunted by a full day of filming, Leah from Penny Productions put me at ease from the start. Leah guided me through each scene emphasising that I didn’t have to be a perfect performer and was very patient as we did multiple takes for each video. Leah could always sense when the script flowed and was very intuitive in her approach, which was very reassuring. Leah also made full use of the location I hired for the shoot and for the promotional video we had 5 separate scenes which created a very professional look. I am delighted with the 4 videos for my new online course. I would highly recommend Leah & Penny Productions, you’re in very safe & very creative hands.

FLOURISH - INTRO TO COURSE.00_01_02_07.Still001.jpg

Fiona Parfrey

Leah is attentive, professional, flexible and an absolute pleasure to work with. She takes the time to understand your requirements and puts forward creative suggestions on how to best achieve your goals. We will definitely be working with Penny Productions again in the future.

Kieran Joyce
Noggin Sport


We have been very pleased with the quality of content that Leah has produced. Leah listened and clearly understood my vision for the content that we wanted to create as a brand. Leah was efficient in her working time and went above and beyond our expectations. In delivering quality content in a quick time frame! To find a quality, highly skilled and affordable videographer is very difficult. I highly recommend any business who is interested in improving their social media content creation to not hesitate in contacting Leah. Her relaxed attitude and willingness to create more than expected was a breath of fresh air after having worked with other videographers who have been the complete opposite. We will no doubt be working more with her in the future.


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